The Legend of Tarzan (2016)


Genre: Action/Adventure

Director: David Yates

Running time: 110 mins

Main Cast: Alexandra Skarsgård, Christoph Waltz, Samuel L. Jackson and Margot Robbie

Edgar Rice Burroughs (Creator of Tarzan) Tarzan again returns to cinema screen’s with a facelift and a new angle to the man that is the king of the African jungle. The Legend of Tarzan is worthy of the viewer diving head first back into the world of Tarzan and the African Jungle.

The story follows Tarzan aka Lord John Clayton III (played by the shredded Alexandra Skarsgård) as he returns to Africa after accepting the invitation from the Belgian King Leopold to return. American George Washington Williams (Samuel L. Jackson) accompanies Clayton as he believes the Belgians are doing something suspicious in the Congo and wants to investigate. Clayton’s wife Jane (played by the mesmerising Margot Robbie) also returns to Africa with Clayton. Tarzan and Jane reunite with the people of the village where they fell in love. Later that night after the catch ups, the village is attacked by Belgian envoy Léon Rom (Christoph Waltz) and his mercenaries and Jane is kidnapped to lure Tarzan to a particular place for the benefit of Rom and the Belgian Congo Colony. Tarzan begins his adventure across the Congo to rescue Jane and save the day.

Waltz is wonderful as the villain once again, as he has shown in Inglorious Bastard’s and Spectre. Showing how he is the master of being the villain in his films, even with a wonderful moustache that enhances his character.

Waltz drives the narrative along and is wonderful in toying with Tarzan and the audience as they progress through the story.

David Yates, Who directed four films in the Harry Potter film series and took a break out of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them to direct Tarzan.

The cinematography is wonderful as you take in the jungle landscapes, mountains and vast grasslands while giving us CGI animals that look amazing.


Samuel L Jackson and Margot Robbie accompanied by a beautiful African background – source Warner Bros.

We are shown Lions, Gorillas, Wildebeest and Elephants that look realistic and blend well with the environments.

The action sequences are wonderful, apart from Yates decision to overuse slow motion during some fight scenes, with again CGI animals working well when Wildebeest’s are used in the major action scene and Tarzan also fights a Gorilla.

Cinematography and CGI animals are The Legend of Tarzan’s strong points but its weak point is its narrative.

You can predict what is going to happen as the story progresses, where the first predictable moment being Janes capture, before Tarzan gets close to rescuing jane only for her to move away, feeling like the characters and the narrative arc are a fishing line being pulled by Rom.

The narrative is weak because it is driving completely by Waltz from start to finish, which I good for me but not good overall for the movie itself.

The Legend of Tarzan is good as it uses cinematography and CGI to present a wonderful African setting and gives actions scenes an edge and if the narrative wasn’t driven completely by Waltz it would be a great movie.


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