Logan (2017)


Genre: Action

Rating: R

Directors: James Mangold

Running Time: 137 minutes

 Main Cast: Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Dafne Keen, and Stephen Merchant

Intimate and emotional are two words that fans would not usually associate with a film within the X-Men Universe or even that of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but with Logan these two words are what drive this film to success.

Its 2029, Mutants are almost extinct and the remaining few are in exile. Logan (Hugh Jackman) has grown older and his healing factor has begun to falter, Professor X (Patrick Stewart) is delusional and suffering from constant seizures, Caliban (Stephen Merchant) looks after him while Logan drives to earn petty cash to help Professor X. Logan is determined to hide from his past and the world, but his little bubble is burst when a mysterious women appears with an urgent request, to shepherd an extraordinary young girl, named Laura (Dafne Keen), to a safe place called “Eden”. His claws become handy again as he protects the girl from dark forces and a villain from his past, embarking on a journey to fulfill the goal of the mysterious women and his own destiny.

Hugh Jackman returns as the clawed mutant and brings a whole new edge to the character that he has crafted over 3 films (X-Men Origins: Wolverine, 2009 and The Wolverine, 2013). He is not the only familiar face to return, with Patrick Stewart reprising his role as Professor X, like Jackman he adds another side to his character. Both give very intimate and emotional performances and the wear and tear of being in exile is clearly painted on their faces with professor X looking old and fragile and Logan starting to show signs of his aging. Their performances allow you to feel on a level par with them, which is an unusual feeling, we are used to seeing them at their most powerful and this new fragile state is something rather confronting, but feels intimate at the same time. We are able to finally connect with these characters not as mutants but as humans, who just happen to still be mutants.


Logan has aged, but that allows us to see another side of the clawed X-Men Warrior – Source: 20th Century Fox

Although a majority of the film is centred on being intermit with Logan and Professor X. Logan still has a goal within its plot, to get Laura to “Eden”. With this goal comes the action and the villains, this is where the cliché superhero action comes in, but this time it isn’t overbearing. The action is well placed within the structure of the film to allow the viewer to recover from one action scene and take in more of the characters before being shoved into another fight scene. Logan balances the focus on story with the trademark action perfectly, allowing both to shine. James Mangold (The Wolverine 2013) has directed the film perfectly and is responsible for the story; combining his directing and script work with the screenplay of Scott Frank to make a wonderful film.

It wouldn’t be a Wolverine movie without him going full beast mode on foes, and boy oh boy he goes full ham on some baddies multiple times to satisfy the Wolverine fans lust for blood. Every fight scene is well choreographed, shot and edited giving us intense and thrilling fight scenes that will have your eyes glued to the screen. What also adds to the fight scenes is the age of Logan, because he is older he has become a tad slower, meaning there is more effort behind every slash and every fight and it takes it out of him. The first fight scene, which is right at the beginning of the film, you can instantly tell he is slow and not himself as the crooks take control of the fight, before he kicks into work and makes short work of the crooks. There are numerous other times in the film when trademark Wolverine comes back, but I’ll let you experience those wonderful fight scenes for yourself.

Logan is an intimate and emotional portrayal of Wolverine and Hugh Jackman gives another outstanding performance as Logan and he is what drives this film. Mangold has complimented his lead characters and gives all of them time to shine in action and in conversation. Logan is a terrific continuation of the X-Men Universe and a perfect compliment to Logan, Jackman and Wolverine.


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