About the Author

Hi, my name is Sean Hardeman and I am the owner, editor and writer for The Front Row Reviewer.


You can tell from this photo from Amsterdam that I am a pretty laid back kind of guy

I am currently studying a Bachelor of Journalism at Swinburne University in Hawthorn.

Some of my interests are Sports, where I participate in Football (Australian Rules), Athletics and for a bit of fun I like to surf. I consider myself a causal gamer and I thoroughly enjoy watching movies and television.

I’m a fan of almost every genre, but some of my favourite genres are War, Drama and Action.

When I tell people my dream is to be a film critic and to work in an industry that allows me to watch films and write (combining my two interests), they always ask me one difficult question “What is your favourite film?” I can never narrow it down to just one film, because I can have favourites in different genres or styles of film.

But as a special gift to you, my reader I’ll give you a list of my favourite films. (in no particular order)

I have always had a love for cinema and the movies, going with my mum from a young age, evolving into going to the movies with friends. I remember from a young age that I was always interested in film, so much so that it has become a healthy addiction for me.

Mum always said I could pick out the good films when ever she was watching as I would come into the lounge room and see a film playing. First I would start by standing and watching the film and then slide onto the couch and sit on the edge of the couch before I melt onto the couch, eyes fixated on the film. This would happen over numerous occasions throughout my life.

I have slowly built up the movies I have watched. But I still have an extensive list of movies I am yet to watch, and more and more will be released each year.

When thinking about what I could write about that I enjoy and would have an extensive knowledge on so thought “hey why not make a blog about movie reviews!” So I can review movies and get to watch movies whilst also getting a benefit out of it.

I hope you enjoy the Blog and everything to come.